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We know what you are probably thinking. How in the world can you afford to rent a party bus? They have to be out of your price range right? Well, believe it or not, party buses and limousines are affordable with Cedar Rapids Party Bus. We offer competitive rates that are a nice break on your wallet. When you call us up, let's have a discussion about your budget and your needs. We have a wide range of vehicles depending on your needs. And at the same time, we have a wide range of prices. Now, we don't publish our prices because elements can change, but we make it very easy to get a quote. You can either email us or call our customer service office and one of our agents will be more than happy to talk to you about your needs and then give you a quote on a party bus that will fit your needs the best.

Our prices are based on the date of service, size and type of vehicle, and pick up location and destinations. When you call for a quote, it will be helpful if you have your desired date, number of passengers, your pick up and drop off location and a rough itinerary ready to go. This will ensure that the quote we give you is accurate.We operate on what we call a graduated pricing system. What does that mean? That we will pass any savings that we experience onto you. So, if gas prices decline considerably, your bottom line price will also decline. We do this because we are in the business of establishing and maintaining relationships with our customers. We also want you to know that there are absolutely no hidden fees whatsoever in our pricing structure. Hidden fees are a concept that we absolutely abhor. We have respect for you as our treasured customer and we want to be upfront with you about everything we will provide and what you are paying for. So, the quote you will receive from us will be your absolute bottom line number, period.

In terms of saving on your rental, there are a few things that you can consider doing to save the greatest amount of money. For one, if you are able to have your event on any day from Monday through Thursday, your rate is going to be much lower than it will be if you book for a Friday or Saturday. The same goes for daytime runs. Once you have perused our website and feel you are ready to talk about the possibilities, call one of our very friendly and courteous customer service representatives. We promise you that they will never pressure you into anything, that is not part of our business model. A deposit on a major credit or debit card is required in order to make a reservation. You may pay the rest of the balance in cash at pick up, by credit or debit card at least 24 hours before pick up, or by personal check or money order at least 2 weeks before your pick up date. We try to be flexible for your convenience. Call us today and let's get the conversation started, our agents are available 24/7, 365 days a year.