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Children's Party Petting Zoo Information

If you are looking for a tremendously unique way to celebrate a child's birthday party, we have just the thing. Have you ever considered renting a petting zoo? We are not referring to you going to the petting zoo, but to the petting zoo coming to you. That's right, there are petting zoos who will travel to your location and set up in your backyard or wherever you have prearranged. Children absolutely love animals and to know that they can be around animals where there will be no fear is an awesome thought. Stop for a second and think about it, your child will turn the corner and what will they see, everything from ponies to ducks to chickens to rabbits to goats to piglets. Can you imagine your child and all of their friends getting a chance to cuddle with some of these cuties? This truly is a very special way to celebrate a birthday. It certainly will be a memory they will never forget. But we will warn you about one thing as you start your search in the Cedar Rapids area for quality petting zoos. You do not want to just pick the first name you see on the web. Take your time and make sure that you are going to be renting a high quality professional provider where everything will come off quite well and there will be no accidents. In order to make sure that is what happens, you will need to do a search in your area and find the perfect candidate who will have all of the children at your party squealing with glee. Pay attention to this guide, it will help you accomplish exactly what you are after.

Knowing that you have probably never had to search for petting zoos before, we would like to help point you in the right direction. Your initial thrust should be to attempt to harness the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “mobile petting zoos in the Cedar Rapids area.” Start perusing the various websites that you get back and decipher which ones are professional organizations that you might like to talk to about your birthday party needs..When you really take a liking to a particular petting zoo provider, write down their name and contact information for later reference. Another potential quality source are your family, friends and coworkers. Find out if anyone you know has ever had any kind of experience with a petting zoo. Ask them if they would use their services again. If they say yes, add their name to your list. Once you have a great list of candidates, call each one and see if their service is available on your party date. If they tell you they are, it is time to conduct an interview with the candidate.

When sitting across the table from each candidate, be ready to ask some questions that will help you in making your final hire. Keep in mind that children are involved and you want to make sure that all goes well. Find out who will clean up after all of the animals are gone. The answer should not be you. Any reputable company should come prepared to clean up the area so that you won't be able to tell if anyone was there. The area should be left exactly as they found it. Make sure that they are licensed and insured. You want everyone to be protected in every way. Find out what kind of interaction the kids will be allowed with the animals. Will they be able to feed them, pet them, and brush them? They should be able to give you a few references to check out. How much space will be needed? Will it take very long to setup? Find out the various types of animals that will be coming. You also need to make sure that the animals are vaccinated, dewormed, groomed, trimmed and bathed regularly. How much will their service cost you? Once you have finished with your interviews, do a diligent comparison and make your hire.