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Children's Party Clown Information

Have you ever heard the old saying, “don't settle for the ordinary.” Well, when it comes to a birthday party, we certainly believe this old adage. These are some very special occasions and you want them to be as special as they can possibly be. And there is only one way that we know of to make it extraordinary. Hire a professional clown. Believe us when we tell you that clowns can take an event and transform it into something magical. There will be no getting bored at a party that has a professional clown performing. You will be able to leave the entertainment to the one with the painted face and the funny outfit which will free you up to make sure that everything else is taken care of. And the great thing about a lot of clowns is that they also provide skills like face painting, balloon twisting, magic shows and much more. It all depends on what you want to look for. Our only concern for you is that you end up with a true professional at your party. To do this, you must be diligent with your search. But never fear, we are here to help you as much as we possibly can. Take this guide with you everywhere you go and let it lead you to some high quality candidates in the Cedar Raids area. We have also included a section to help you focus in on the clown who would be the best one at your party.

So, as funny as this sounds, how does go about looking for clowns? There are many different resources but we recommend three. Start by harnessing the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “professional clowns in the Cedar Rapids area.” You will no doubt get back a long list of potential clowns. Take your time and decide which ones look interesting to you. If you decide that you would like to interview any of the clowns that you see, make sure you record their name and contact information. And one source that we beg you not to neglect is your family, friends and coworkers. Let's face it, if you know anyone else that has kids, there has probably been a clown hired at some point. When you find this out, ask about the quality of their performance and whether they could be recommended for your party. Once you have a list of say 3 to 5 candidates, call up each candidate and find out if they are available for your party date and time. For the ones that are, setup some interviews.

There is one thing that we have neglected to mention so far that is extremely important. You want to be sure that your son or daughter actually likes clowns. Keep in mind that some kids are really fearful on clowns and hiring one for their birthday party might not be the best plan of action. But, if they seem alright with it, by all means, proceed with your search. You should start looking for your clown as early as possible. There are clowns that are highly sought after than get booked very quickly. We suggest you begin at least a month before the date of your birthday party. During each interview, you will want to ask some pointed and pertinent questions. For example, find out if their performance is geared towards a particular age group. Will they be comfortable for the ages that will be at your party? What kind of experience do they have? Make sure that they provide references. Where did they receive their training to be a clown? How long will the performance be? What exactly will the performance entail? Will they put on a show or will they just walk around and work with individuals? How much will their services cost? Do they offer package deals that included various levels of services? Do they twist balloons? Perform magic? When you take a liking to a specific candidate, do a background check. If it comes back clean, it sounds like you have your clown, now just go and have some fun.