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Children's Party Balloon Twister Information

Alright, it is time to plan some real fun for your son or daughter's next birthday. We know that you will be sure and have all of the usual suspects there, pizza, pop, ice cream, cake, presents and more. But if you really want to take the planning into the stratosphere, then we suggest that you start looking at bringing in a balloon twister to amaze both kids and adults alike. Balloon twisting is an amazing art form and if you get a high level professional, the sculptures that you will see will absolutely blow your mind. Let's face it, kids love balloons anyway, but wait until you see their eyes light up when they watch an artist create something out of this world. And the beauty of having this kind of vendor at your party is that every child will be able to leave with a souvenir balloon shape. The guest of honor will be able to have something even more complex created for him or her. This is definitely the way to go. So, without belaboring the point, your next step should be to comb the Cedar Rapids area for professional balloon twisters. This guide was designed with you in mind. Keep it with you at all times and it will lead you not only to high quality artists to consider, but it will also help you narrow your search to the balloon twister who will amaze everyone at your party.

As you begin your search for quality candidates in your area, keep in mind that these are professional artists that you are looking for. They put as much time and effort into their craft as you do with your job so treat them accordingly. A professional balloon twister who really takes their job seriously will know how to craft more than 100 different balloon sculptures. If you are asking yourself if a balloon twister will be worth the money, we can categorically say yes. There is truly nothing like this kind of entertainment. And keep in mind that if you want something a bit different, then this is definitely the route to go. So, if you decide to go forward with this search, we suggest that you tap into the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “balloon twisters in the Cedar Rapids area.” This should give you a number of candidates to look over. Another source are the people you see everyday. Ask your family, friends and coworkers to see if anyone you know has ever hired a balloon twister. If they have and they can speak highly of their performance, add their name to a list of vendors you are keeping. And one other source that you could try are your wedding vendors that you already have a relationship with. Once you have a number of vendors to check out, call each one and find out if they are available for the date of your birthday party. If they are, sit down with them and have a discussion about what they might be able to do for you.

Start your conversation by asking them how much their services cost. Most balloon twisters charge from $75 to $150 per hour. Talk about the number of kids that will be at the party. If every kid is to get some kind of balloon creation, find out how many balloon sculptures they are able to make at one time. For instance, some professionals can produce anywhere from 15 to 100 finished balloons in an hour depending on the complexity. You will need to decide if you want everyone to have a complex creation or if you are satisfied with what is called speed twisting. Speed twisting involves more simple creations like a sword. Do they provide their own balloons? Most balloon twisters will come with their own special grade balloons, pump and any other equipment they need. Ask yourself if you actually like the person that you are interviewing. Remember, this isn't all about just being handed a balloon sculpture, this is about hiring someone who knows how to interact with everyone at your party. How many events have they performed at? If you book them on a weekday, is their fee reduced? Make sure that you get some references. It wouldn't be a bad idea to take a close look at their portfolio to see what they are capable of. During your interview, ask them to twist a balloon form or two. When you take a real liking to a particular candidate, make sure that you do a background check. If all seems well, it is time to hire some special entertainment.